The Fat Goose at the village pump May 03 2015

For those that know the village charms of Killcare, the Fat Goose cafe is the village pump. It's where locals and visitors alike meet and make things happen. Hipsters pick up a coffee, mums and dads exchange child care duties and local boaties pick up some hearty food.

Last month we were hit hard by the storms that lashed and crashed the area. We got away with only 3 days without power, though many locals had to endure a week without. Once we got power back we were happy to help local rescues and repair teams by supplying a little sustenance and warm cups of caffeine. 

Our local beach has copped a beating and we expect it will be some time before it returns to pre-storm condition. Though a stroll along the golden sand is still very pleasant, particularly if you're a beachcomber. All sorts of flotsam and jetsam have come ashore. 

Pop in for a quick cup of coffee or a boaties breakfast. If you can't make it up for a while, we encourage you to order a pack of something that will remind you of us. Here's our modest collection of goodies. What ever happens, stay safe and see you soon @thefatgoose